Learn Belly Breathing to Ease Anxiety and Stress!

Did you know that most of us do not know how to breathe properly! In this video I show you the proper way to breathe to calm down, ease anxiety and feel better immediately. Belly breathing has helped me feel safe and I use it to relax tension in my body when I feel stressed. There's a whole lot of truth behind the mind/body connection and we can use our bodies (yoga) and our breath (meditation) to calm us down in stressful or emotional situations. The breath is our greatest source of peace and we have the ability to connect to whenever we need to. Learn how to breathe properly in my video above! For more videos head over to my website and sign up to receive weekly updates http://luminousliving.ca and subscribe to my channel here to notifications for new videos Much Love, Laura Holistic Lifestyle Coach www.luminousliving.ca